First Reviews Are In!!!

The first reviews forThe Last Ranger of Sarn are in and they are sure good! When the book was released the first time about 3 years ago, it ended with a rough 4.75 star rating. Not bad when you think that I had no idea of what I was doing.

Now, Last Ranger is spit-shined, gleaming and pretty damned professional. My time at Snow Leopard Publishing was not completely wasted. The editors at Destiny Rose were in short, phenominal!

They taught me so many things about proper wording and keeping the flow in the present. Now when you read, it seems as if it's all happening now instead of sometime in the past. They also suggested that since the series is The Journals of the Huntress, it might be cool to have a journal entry in each paragraph. I have to admit, it does set the book apart. It allows you to see what Vespias is thinking or feeling about a given incident.

Now it's on to the next project. As you all know, book 2 Blood Moon Sacrifice is already written. Once edited, it will follow in the series.


My first book, Fire At Dawn, was a labor of love that took almost 20 years to complete. It morphed from one book into a trilogy over those years and I am proud to say it is finished.

The adventures of Hellion and Fire were emotionally satisfying to write and I will return to them again one day. For now, what I can tell you is that Fire has gone through the same "fixing up" as The Last Ranger of Sarn.

The covers continue to vex me. Mainly, the vision I want is in my head, and there it remains. I want the 3 covers to have the same feel between them. I imagined a closeup of Hellion's arm holding his axe while a smaller scene of him charging into battle sits center book.

The next would be a reverse, with Fire holding her katana. The smaller scene would be her directing her archers. The third would be both of them with possibly a sea battle as the action scene.

Once more, Vespias finds peace and happiness, but it seems as if the evils of the world can find her just as easily. The start of another day in Tiran will test Vespias and her Council as no other has ever done.

The mysterious note that enabled her to defeat her nemesis, the Black Prince, was a welcome comfort in a time of clearly defined horrors. Now, in these peaceful times, it has become something of a cold case for amature detectives to study.

Until the author of that note arrives...

Vespias must struggle now with facing an enemy she can't possibly hope to defeat while the lives of Lor'votah children hang in the balance.

She sets off with the help of the strongest team in their world that just happens to be made entirely of women. Their first stop is to find the one being in their world who holds the knowledge of the ancient beings that now plague them, the demi-god Targos. His story will be the final straw in this wild story of witches, gods, and heroes.


“I saw rooms filled with books and scrolls there,” replied the Black Knight. “If anybody would know who this Ishal is, and what destructive power he has, it would be Shevore. I’ll go through his keep, or what’s left of it until I have an answer.”

“Very well General,” he replied. “And I will ensure that the Black Knights are ready to march into whatever war you find for us.”

“It is our destiny Umil,” said Midir. “It is our lot in this life. We died in battle, we were raised in battle, and now we are the masters of battle. It is what we were made for, and yet I wish it would never come again. No matter how far we pretend to go, the sounds of the war drums always call us back.”

The Colonel watched the ship leave the docks with Midir on board. He wondered if his general would find the answers in a book.

His answers were always found at the point of a sword.

The cover and even the title for this offering is still very much in the air. Usually by now, the title has revealed itself. Maybe I should be writing a Nancy Drew mystery...

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