First Reviews Are In!!!

The first reviews forThe Last Ranger of Sarn are in and they are sure good! When the book was released the first time about 3 years ago, it ended with a rough 4.75 star rating. Not bad when you think that I had no idea of what I was doing.

Now, Last Ranger is spit-shined, gleaming and pretty damned professional. My time at Snow Leopard Publishing was not completely wasted. The editors at Destiny Rose were in short, phenominal!

They taught me so many things about proper wording and keeping the flow in the present. Now when you read, it seems as if it's all happening now instead of sometime in the past. They also suggested that since the series is The Journals of the Huntress, it might be cool to have a journal entry in each paragraph. I have to admit, it does set the book apart. It allows you to see what Vespias is thinking or feeling about a given incident.

Now it's on to the next project. As you all know, book 2 Blood Moon Sacrifice is already written. Once edited, it will follow in the series.


My first book, Fire At Dawn, was a labor of love that took almost 20 years to complete. It morphed from one book into a trilogy over those years and I am proud to say it is finished.

The adventures of Hellion and Fire were emotionally satisfying to write and I will return to them again one day. For now, what I can tell you is that Fire has gone through the same "fixing up" as The Last Ranger of Sarn.

The covers continue to vex me. Mainly, the vision I want is in my head, and there it remains. I want the 3 covers to have the same feel between them. I imagined a closeup of Hellion's arm holding his axe while a smaller scene of him charging into battle sits center book.

The next would be a reverse, with Fire holding her katana. The smaller scene would be her directing her archers. The third would be both of them with possibly a sea battle as the action scene.

Vespias is on the trail of adventure again. Her new tale, The Broken King is another action-packed ride filled with betrayal, revenge and another shot at Shevore. With the release of the final installment of The Chronicles of the Free People finished, her time is here. This is book three in the Huntress series and I have some big plans for her.

Alongside her book will be a cookbook of Italian recipes from my Grandmother told in a usual South Philly smartass way. In fact, the tentative title is The South Philly Smartass Cookbook. The recipes are serious, but the commentary around them will be hilarious.

Crime Scene, long a favorite of mine, is finished and available. Gone is the very awkward dual first-person perspective of the story. Now, the story is told in a narrative form, with only Sal being able to speak directly to the reader.

Also starting notes and research for the next crime drama. Injected is being replaced by Foremost Authority. A look at narcissism taken to a very deadly extreme.


To the right is the new and final cover designed by Storyteller for the third installment of The Huntress Series. It continues to use the same model for if I could ever change her now.


For a short excerpt from Book Three, The Broken King and a preview of the next cover, click here.

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