Who Is This Guy???

OK, so I'm the guy who writes these books. And that's a pretty lousy bio huh? Of course it is. Let's start over.

I'm from Philadelphia, PA, but I've lived in quite a few places. I think my total is nine states and about twelve cities. Currently I live in Homestead, FL and I'm pretty sure this is the last stop. I'm too tired to keep going.

My interests besides writing are photography, gardening, cooking and by my own admission, too many hours at video games. My biggest passion is animal welfare. From the local shelters to the sanctuaries in Africa, I try my best to help. My opinion is that animals have no voice to ask for our help, so we must give it without waiting.

My particular favorite charity is Running With the Wolves, based on Long Island, NY. They hold annual fundraisers to help teach people about the plight of wolves, to help with food and medical costs for several sanctuaries and to open people's eyes to the needs of all animals. A portion of my book sales goes to them.

When it comes to this chosen profession, I would love to say I was that precocious child who penned his first book at age four...but it just ain't so. I didn't start writing until I was well into my forties. I was playing an online game and writing these little scenarios for it.


People would keep telling me I should write a whole story about it and that was just what I did. And it was horrible. But the writing bug had already bitten me so I was lost. I rewrote that first story so many times that I lost count. However, after setting it down for about two years, I saw it one day and started to write again. I rewrote it and this time it wasn't that bad. It wasn't a polished novel, but I could see the progress. The stories were always there in me, I just needed to learn how to write them. They say a writer doesn't truly get the feel of writing until he or she has put at least one million words on paper. I think I can attest to that.

Even now, I'm still learning. After having  Last Ranger professionally edited, I learned new things and how to keep the flow of the story in the now instead of the then. With this new bit of knowledge, every book is getting a much-needed rewrite so that I can bring you, the reader, the very best I can offer.

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