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The Clans!!!


Until then, I hope you enjoy these and look forward to hearing from you all. Love you so much!

Savage World Publishing is planning a massive promotion of the Trials of the Clans trilogy. The first part is targeting the audience we think will find the story fulfilling.

To reach this audience, we have 3 new 30 second feature videos. These will go out on Tiktok to specific groups. If all goes well, some reviews will come in and start the book series moving again. 

For members and friends, those videos can be seen here. They were a lot of fun to make and maybe some longer versions will make their way out as well.


This is my official ad for The Broken King. This will be what floats around for the next few months with a few variations.

I'm particularly proud of a few things here. These stories are getting easier to write and the fun level is through the roof!


Savage Worlds Publishing is the new face of my works.  The Trials of the Clans Trilogy, The Journals of the Huntress Series, Crime Scene and the rest will all be under this new banner.

For the immediate future, SWP is nothing more than a glorified self-pub, a vanity press for only me. Perhaps some new writers will join, perhaps they won't. For now, I can offer exactly what my last publisher offered which is nothing. However, I won't be asking for a portion of your royalties to do it.

Maps are one of the things I love to do. I'm still learning to use Photoshop to its best. Hopefully, I'll get a better handle on it and create some new maps that have a better feel to them.

country and one angry CIA boss, things take a wild turn. From that point, it's pure suspense. The story is told with all the euphemisms and bravado one would expect from Philly.

Crime Scene is a stand-alone foray into fictional history... a "what if" piece about a Mafia hitman from Philadelphia and his part in the Kennedy Assassination.

It follows Sal DeSantos along the journey towards this event and introduces some fairly new ideas about the players and their pieces.

The story begins a year before the event, introducing Sal and Vinny, his new protege from
Dallas. When the pair land in LA for a meeting with three of the top Dons in the

One of the things I am most adamant about is the way we treat wildlife in the world. Animals have no voices to tell us what is wrong. They have no unions to step in and say "You can't do this."

Every day brings us closer to the extinction of some species. There are so many compelling reasons to insure their safety. Below is a film that shows how releasing wolves in Yellowstone actually changed the physical geography of the park. 

Fascinating isn't it? To think that a species can change the actual eco system in such a dramatic way. But it goes to show how interconnected the world around us is. And if we are part of that system, then eventually it is we who will suffer when that balance is destroyed. Animals, trees...they don't belong in constricted places where only a handful remain. Keep them wild and free.

Please add your name to the mailing list. I'll send you info on new releases or events only. There are some great things ahead and this is your chance to know when and how things will happen.


I hate spam as much as you do if not more. Your name will never be sold, traded or molested in any way. If at any time you wish to be removed (and I hope that is never) just say so and I'll remove your name from the list promptly. Thanks, Ed

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