The Journals of the Huntress

The days passed to months and the months to years. Vespias had moments of her youth return but for the most part she lived in a void of time. When the storms would come through she would see her mother’s face, frightened and covered in blood in every flash of lightning. She could hear the bodies of the men hitting the hard forest floor in every clap of thunder. The storms mocked her as they passed through as if they and they alone knew some terrible secret she kept hidden.


“Killer!” the storms whispered in their thunder. “You killed them…and you liked it!”


“No!” she would cry over and over until she fell into a fitful sleep, the betrayal of her heart to the storm was the ultimate in cruelty her short years had ever experienced.





How much can one heart endure?

When the undead enter Castia, their youth must put their dreams aside and fight. In the dark days that follow, destiny reveals her purpose…and what a humble girl must do to fulfill it.

Vespias Firstlight has been chosen to champion her world. This hunter’s daughter must place herself into the path of destruction that the Black Prince and his minions bring. For him, genocide is the only acceptable goal, but destiny has chosen Castia’s young Vespias who must endure every hardship before her to stop him.

The darkness of this land covers the unbridled passions of Vespias as we live through her triumphs and tragedies. It is this darkness that shapes the way our heroine turns from her joy-filled youth into a young woman with all the scars that a cruel world can inflict. You’ll ask yourself again and again…how much can one heart endure.

The unparalleled character development will take you through this epic fantasy leaving you thinking that young Miss Firstlight is a real person, not very different from you or I. She is no super hero, just a simple person who breaks and must find ways to fix herself. It is this character that brings her world to life. It is what makes The Last Ranger of Sarn the next book you’ll need to add to your reading list.

The Last Ranger Of Sarn